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Autism Facts and Awareness

Autism Awareness is in full swing and I am grateful for this movement as a special education teacher and a person contributing to the greatness of this world.  Even though Autism is becoming more known by society, it is critical for people to understand the some of the statistics surrounding the individuals with their unique needs / differences.  

As a teacher, I have had the honor and privilege to start an autism services program at a middle school and continue to teach students with autism as a high school vocation teacher.  Students and young adults with autism have tremendous strengths, abilities whether they are high functioning to nonverbal.  

Every single student, child, young adult, adult living with autism must be given the same opportunities and realistic opportunities as any other person and I continue to teach these students / young adults empowerment. I have assisted students that are primarily nonverbal obtain meaningful employment and students that are high functioning attend college independently, with some assistance from government agencies such as DARS.

It has been a beautiful and empowering experience for myself, these students / young adults and their families.  I continue to work day-in and day-out in raising awareness for autism in my school and in the community.  It is critical that society realizes the goldmine they have at their finger tips with all individuals with unique needs and it’s time we tap into that resource.

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