About Me

As a special education teacher for 13 years and a high school baseball coach for 6 years, I have had the privilege to work with students of all different ages ranging from middle school – high school.  

I started out teaching in a city outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I taught students with unique needs the following: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Study Skills and Behavior Skills.  This was a wonderful experience to start of my teaching career because I worked with students of all different ages and abilities.  The school I taught at was more of an inner-city school at the time and when I was hired, it definitely wasn’t presented that way.  I had students that were in gangs, parents of students in gangs and dealt with a lot of student violence.  This experience made me a more thankful person and a stronger teacher.

I continued my journey across the United States and landed a teaching and coaching job in a suburb outside Austin, Texas where I taught Resource Biology, Resource Integrated Physics / Chemistry, Study Skills and was an inclusion support teacher.  To add on to those responsibilities, I was also the freshman high school baseball coach at that high school. I stayed there for two years teaching and coaching until I became aware of a wonderful opportunity at a middle school in the same district. 

I transferred to the middle school where I would become a study skills teacher for a year.  After that year, I started and implemented a social skills communication services program for students with autism.  I was in charge of the SCSS program for over 6 years where I then became the behavior skills teacher on campus.  I loved all of these experiences with all of the students I worked with ranging from 6th to 8th grade. 

I am currently a high school special education vocation teacher and junior varsity / assistant varsity baseball coach.  I teach approximately 30 students how to live a successful, sustainable, manageable and obtainable way of life.  I empower students to become the best possible person they can become and use their disabilities as strengths to achieve greatness.  I work with students who live with: intellectual disabilities, autism, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, other health impairments and everything in between.  We work on preparing students and young adults to be the best they can be in the world with career, employment, post-secondary education exploration.

I have truly loved my teaching career and look forward to continuing it for years to come.  I am currently looking into becoming an addiction counselor and continuing to write blogs and other resources, such as books.  I have been apart of radio shows and other online communities looking to decrease the stigma of people with disabilities.  


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